Florida Charter School Recovery Fund

Helping to rebuild Florida's Public Charter Schools

As one of the largest hurricanes to ever come through the Atlantic, Irma wreaked havoc throughout Florida.  Schools throughout the state have experienced damage, power outages, and are facing extended closures.  As charter schools in Florida do not have a centralized support agency to aid those schools damaged by the storm, Building Hope is committed to helping affected schools with relief efforts.   Building Hope is partnering with construction firms throughout the state to help complete free damage assessments of school properties, and is committed to working with our partners from around the country to establish a recovery fund to help Florida’s charter schools repair, reopen and restore educational services as quickly as possible.

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The Florida Charter School Recovery Fund will attempt to provide free Damage Assessment Reports to schools who request such.  These reports will inform the extent of need throughout the state to raise additional funds for the Recovery Fund. Building Hope has already committed $1 million to the Recovery Fund.

Please complete this brief online form for one or our staff to contact you. You may also call Curtis Fuller directly at (727) 223-6391.

Please note that depending on the number of requests we receive, we may need to prioritize services.

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Please consider donating money to help support the Florida Charter schools. One-hundred percent of all donations will go directly to Florida’s public charter schools

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The Florida Charter School Recovery Fund is managed by Building Hope, a national non-profit committed to supporting high quality charter schools through the financing and development of charter school facilities.